Beta Burns Page 3

20 Jul

The report on Lallie’s experiences was submitted to government. The South Australian and Australian Federal Government both replied, followed by a letter from the CEO of ARPANSA. This letter claimed that the British nuclear weapons did not cause any harm to any person and that Australian Aboriginal people were not harmed.
I also received the following email:

Hi Paul,

I have been provided with your submission on behalf of x.
 Are you aware that I acted for xxx and secured compensation for x on the basis that x psoriasis was caused by the Totem I blast?
Andrew Collett.
24 November 2010 21:53
It transpires that the court case is suppressed from the record. The general public are not allowed to read the proceedings. Proceedings which found that the evidence presented shows that the Totem 1 blast of October 1953 did cause skin lesions on an Aboriginal person, and that the condition had been ongoing for decades, causing pain, suffering and disfigurement.
None the less,  here is the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency letter sent to me by the ARPANSA CEO:



On the basis of a finding based upon evidence considered by an Australian Court, the above ARPANSA letter is incorrect. Surely Australian Federal Nuclear Safety Authorities know all the facts. They claim to. If they don’t in fact know all the facts, then they are not worth listening to. If they do know all the facts and wrote this letter in spite of the truth, then they are not worthy of being listened to.

The most sophisticated algebra in the world can only make a self serving construct. Where that construct creates dichotomy between the official model and the real experience of ordinary people, it is the ordinary voter who must be listened to. Not dictatorial arithmetic freaks in authority.


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