Beta Burns Page 4

20 Jul

How British and Australian scientists made myth and mystique out of a scientific and moral disaster.

From the Proceeding of the McClelland Royal Commission:
6.4.17 When it was reported in The Advertiser, Yami Lester’s story aroused considerable interest. (Chair, Atomic Weapons Test Safety Committee) Titterton was quick to respond, stating in the ABC’s ‘PM’ program (14 May 1980) that
‘No such thing can possibly occur, I don’t know of any black mists. No black mists have ever been reported until this scare campaign was started…The radioactive cloud is in fact at 30,OUO feet, not at ground level. And it’s not black …
‘ …Now I’m not sure, if you investigate black mist, sure your going to get into an area where mystique is the central feature and you’ll never be able to establish or not.'{RC 900, p.800120]
b.4.19 Asked if he would support an investigation into the sturies he answered:
‘No that would be a complete waste of money and time.’
{RC 800, p.800120J
6.4.19 A note prepared by the UK Ministry of Defence also discussed the idea of a black mist:
‘The paper (302 of 9.5.80) suggests that a group of up
to 45 tribal aboriginals were enveloped in a “rolling
black mist” after the British detonated a powerful “A”
bomb in the South Australian desert in 1953. The 1953
shots were tower shots dnd there is no way that any
phenomenon corresponding to this description could have
been experienced at a distance of 170 km NE of Emu
Field (21.5.80).’ LRC 800, p.800156J
End quote. Chapter 6.4, The Black Mist.

Titterton was a radar expert, that was his original training. Everything he learned about atomic weapons was as a result of his subsequent experience as member of the British team within the Manhattan Project. He was not a medical doctor.

Titterton attended many US nuclear tests after world war 2. His security clearance within both the US and the British nuclear weapons programs was high. He would surely know if a low level mist like nuclear cloud could be formed by any detonating nuclear weapon. Was he lying about the Black Mist? The colour of any such mist would be dependent upon the soil type at shot point and the nature of the weapon.
The following photographs all pre-date Titterton’s 1980 assertion that nuclear weapons do not create fallout clouds that roll over the ground in the form of a mist.


Source: Photograph [Operation Cue] – Two-story wood frame house at 5,500 feet after the blast, May 5, 1955. ARC Identifier: 541788. United States National Archives.

2. Photograph, Nuclear Black Mist rolling over land, USA, circa 1953- 1957, Carole Gallagher,

3. Grey Mist type nuclear fallout cloud (colour type
due to Nevada Test Site soil type) traversing farm land in Twin Springs,
Nevada, USA by Joe Fallini Senior and supplied by Martha Bordoli Laird to
Carole Gallagher: Gallagher, Carole, “American ground zero : the secret
nuclear war”, ISBN: 0262071460 Publisher: [Cambridge, Mass. : MIT
Press],1993. Pp 116 -117. Twin Springs is about 80 miles
from the shot point of the tower detonated bomb in Nevada.

4. Photographs of Grey Mist type nuclear cloud (colour type due to Nevada
test site soil type), traversing ground at Warm Springs, 100 miles from the
Nevada shot point of the bomb detonation from a tower. The photograph was
taken by Joe Fallini Snr and supplied by Martha Bordoli Laird to Richard L.
Miller in rural Nevada. To obtain the photograph Mr Fallini placed his camera
in a lead lined camera box to shield the film. In: Miller, Richard L.,
“Under the Cloud: the Decades ofNuclear Testing”, New York: Free Press, London:
Collier Macmillan, 1986,
ISBN: 0029216206. PP: 315. See also pages 225, 257, 283 & 300 for
accounts of Fallini’s observations regarding the clouds he photographed.

All of these photographs were taken in the 1950s and 1960s, and due to the US practice of
cloud monitoring and cloud chasing, would be well known types. Such a cloud in fact is very
well known and a photograph of it is used as an icon at the US National Archive site cited above.

Why would Titterton lie so?

The only myth and mystique being conducted in this matter was that conducted by the nuclear experts.



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